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I’m kind of a big deal in the printer room at work. I’m the go to girl if you need a resource. I do the wheeling and dealing of the fact sheets, the pamphlets, the useful fridge magnets.

So for your researching pleasure, I’ve put together a bit of a crème de le crème of useful websites for great resources, fact sheets and tips. And of course, they are all science based, credible sources of information. They have more street cred than you can poke a selfie stick at.

Stuff for any health condition/symptom you could possibly think of

Better Health Channel

This is always my first port of call when researching a new health condition that a client reports or when freaking out and self-diagnosing myself with something like, lock-jaw, for example (true story). It provides reliable information on health conditions and treatments, healthy living and health services and support. Regularly reviewed and updated and sourced from peak health associations.

It’s also great to start here, because at the bottom of each fact sheet is a link to more info, and usually links to the  peak association/source of advice in that area.

Stuff to be kinder to your self

Self Compassion

Includes useful and practical online self-compassion practices, Mindful Self-compassion training and current research in the area. Founded by Dr Kristin Neff, Psychologist and Associate Professor and world leading expert on self-compassion.

Stuff for stress management and mindfulness

Smiling Mind

A web and app-based program designed to make meditation accessible to everyone. It was developed by a team of psychologists, and I like it cos it’s home grown in Melbourne.

Promoted by Better Health Channel, this modern blog claims to assist stressed and overworked people restore balance and joy to their lives. Who doesn’t want that?!

Stuff for mental health conditions

Beyond Blue

Peak association in Australia to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia. Includes useful fact sheets, where to get support and a valid 1 minute questionnaire to screen yourself for symptoms.


Online training programs to learn cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)  skills for preventing and coping with depression. CBT is the gold standard, best practice psychology treatment for managing depression

Black Dog Institute

Information on symptoms, treatment and prevention of depression and bipolar disorder. Excellent and huge library of fact sheets on staying well techniques, finding a mental health friendly GP, what to expect from a mental health consult, fact sheets for health professionals, treatments and self-testing.

Stuff for a healthy weight

Dietitians Association of Australia

The peak professional association for Dietitians in Australia. Healthy eating tips and a great initiative called “Australian Healthy Weight Week” for practical tips on weight management

Dr Rick Kaufmann

A melbourne based doctor who is recognised as one of Australias pioneers in healthy weight management. Former director of the Butterfly Foundation (specialising in Eating Disroders) and Lifelong Fellow of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Societ

Recipes and meal planning

Australian Healthy Food Guide

Some of my favourite recipes for meal planning, sorting out your pantry and freezer and recipes live here. An expert panel of health professionals, free downloadable resources, and a special recipe section for cooking for one. How can you go wrong?

I still get a lot of my recipes from It’s like old faithful. I like the reviews and nutritional breakdown, and that it’s broken down into categories, like healthy meals and vegetarian

Stuff for healthy eating

Baker IDI

I love this organisation sick. There resources are so practical and current. They have healthy shopping guides that include brands and which supermarkets to buy stuff at, plus resources for people with heart disease and diabetes. They are also an internationally renowned Heart and Diabetes Medical Research institute. And incidentally, just round the corner from work.


My dietitian girl crush from way back. Catherine Saxelby is one extremely cool and intelligent cucumber. She was blogging before we all knew what it was. She has great resources, product reviews and recipes.

Stuff to cut through the nutrition BS

Because honestly, there is a lot of nutrition BS out there! So my personal fave sources of info are:

Thinking Nutrition

The Sceptical Nutritionist

Scoop on Nutrition


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