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Altruistic August….It’s cool to be kind

Namaste everyone.

Namaste to you and all your mates.

I love that word. I think if you put it on the end of any sentence it can excuse whatever words just preceded it.  Like “hey, I’m enjoying your new black and white Supre jumper today. How many magpies had to throw up on that in production I wonder…namaste”, all would be well between the people involved in that friendly exchange.

I don’t actually know the exact translation of namaste, but I know it has to do with meditation….which is a good segue to May to Julys goal to meditate more.  I extended it to July, because I’m super keen on the benefits of meditation, and hadn’t done so much of it in May. July went better, and I did fit in at least 2 x 15 minute sessions per week but still, not as much as I’d liked. This one’s a work in progress for me, and one I am going to continue on.

But with August came a new goal to try. My goal for August is centred around altruism. “Atruistic August” if you will. Altruism is a bit of a fancy word. It’s probably my hardest goal month to roll off the tongue, but aside from Fun Feb, it might just be my favourite. For one, it was fun to research. Above and beyond wikipediaing the definition of altruism, I came across some people doing some impressive stuff in the world and great ways to be more altruistic.



Meditation May……be I should give this another go-around

If this lil guy can do it....

It’s almost the end of June and I regret to say that my goal for May was not achieved. Though I’m not too regretful, because it’s really normal not to achieve all your goals straight up, and one goal a month for a year was a bit ambitious, wasn’t it?

For May, the goal was to start meditating regularly.  Just a bit, say 15 minutes 3 times per week. I started off well for the first week then dwindled from there.

There are oodles of benefits to regular meditation. It can help reduce stress, increase physical health, manage chronic pain, make you sleep better and feel happier. The science behind what it does to the brain is also really impressive, and discussed in more detail below.

So if it’s so good for me……


Moderation March…and April…send back the clowns


March and April whizzed by! I don’t know how, considering the goal for these two month was to reduce my alcohol intake, so you would expect time to go slower…

Feb was so fun that it was time to reign in the horns and moderate my alcohol consumption…. I hadn’t been guzzling gallons of cask wine and whizzing round clothes-lines or chandeliers anything like that, but I had been enjoying most evenings in the backyard with a few glasses of wine…sometimes more.


What’s in that drink? Your go-to guide for the kilojoules in alcoholic drinks

Espresso Martini-82382a940349d8e719f1ce0095b7611c

Some people think that some alcohol choices are healthier than others. The truth is, all alcohol has negative impacts on your health, because of the alcohol (ethanol) these drinks contain. All alcohol is high in calories.

Per gram, alcohol contains 29kj, that’s almost double that of a carbohydrate food. What’s more, alcohol provides zero nutritional benefit and has many adverse affects on our health, which is why my preference would always be lower alcohol drinks vs lower carb drinks. It’s also worth thinking about what your mixing your alcohol with, if it’s with soft drink or fruit juice, you’re adding loads more kilojoules on top of the alcohol content.


Fun Feb….send in the clowns


Didn’t Feb fly by?! So fast I didn’t even get to tell you what my focus was for the month. So fun, I didn’t get a chance to stop and blog about it!

It was “Fun Feb” BTDubs. One fun new thing a week. Nothing crazy, but I just didn’t want the whole year to end up being exercise goals.


Let’s get physical – no really, start moving


As a health coach, I’ll often say to clients “putting together some kind of exercise or opportunity to move most days of the
week is the most ideal, but nothing is the least ideal”.

Sometimes it’s coming up with ideas or options when setting an exercise goal that can be the challenge.

So what can you do to start moving more?


Let’s get physical – what, when and how


We’ve talked at length of the benefits of exercise. I talked, you listened. We laughed and then everyone put their Rebook High Tops on and went for a good old-fashioned power walk around the block.

You remember High Tops right? My dad had a pair and my sisters and I used to think they were hilarious. We could fit both our feet in them, they were outrageous! I miss 80’s exercise fads and active-wear. Olivia Newton John, wedgie lycra leotards, leg warmers, Sweathog trackies. It was all good in Jane Fonda’s hood.

But like all good fads, they come and go (more on that later). So exactly what type of exercise should we be doing and how often?