Fun Feb….send in the clowns


Didn’t Feb fly by?! So fast I didn’t even get to tell you what my focus was for the month. So fun, I didn’t get a chance to stop and blog about it!

It was “Fun Feb” BTDubs. One fun new thing a week. Nothing crazy, but I just didn’t want the whole year to end up being exercise goals.



Let’s get physical – no really, start moving


As a health coach, I’ll often say to clients “putting together some kind of exercise or opportunity to move most days of the
week is the most ideal, but nothing is the least ideal”.

Sometimes it’s coming up with ideas or options when setting an exercise goal that can be the challenge.

So what can you do to start moving more?


Let’s get physical – what, when and how


We’ve talked at length of the benefits of exercise. I talked, you listened. We laughed and then everyone put their Rebook High Tops on and went for a good old-fashioned power walk around the block.

You remember High Tops right? My dad had a pair and my sisters and I used to think they were hilarious. We could fit both our feet in them, they were outrageous! I miss 80’s exercise fads and active-wear. Olivia Newton John, wedgie lycra leotards, leg warmers, Sweathog trackies. It was all good in Jane Fonda’s hood.

But like all good fads, they come and go (more on that later). So exactly what type of exercise should we be doing and how often?


7 benefts of exercise that may pleasantly surprise you

In the words of the great Tom Jones, “Exercise. What is it good for? Absolutely everything.” That’s how it goes right? Sometimes I muddle my words up when there’s hip thrusting involved. So this post is about hip thrusting. No, exercise. It’s about exercise. Sport__orning_jog_in_the_park_080452_32 How good is exercise. Seriously?!

So good, I made it my goal for January. Which, by the way, I achieved (phew)!


Healthy soft-serve – the secrets out!

vintage ice cream

It’s summer time in the southern hemisphere and the weather is fiiiiinnnneeee.

Actually, it’s perfect ice cream weather given we are going to be in the 30’s most of the week.

Ice cream is always a crowd favourite on a hot day, so I thought I’d share a deliciously healthy alternative to ice-cream – Banana Whip.


Muffin Tops, Modesty Towels and the Moderation Movement

Moderation Movement

A friend text me recently and asked for a blog on how to get rid of her muffin top.

How great would it be if you could spot target fat?! I personally think my friend has a great figure, so does my mum. Not that that matters, but that’s a 2 person poll and a 100% “great bod” rating, plus mums always know best.

So this is a post dedicated to my friend, and everyone else who has a certain part of their body they would like to change, including me.