Fun Feb….send in the clowns


Didn’t Feb fly by?! So fast I didn’t even get to tell you what my focus was for the month. So fun, I didn’t get a chance to stop and blog about it!

It was “Fun Feb” BTDubs. One fun new thing a week. Nothing crazy, but I just didn’t want the whole year to end up being exercise goals.

Fun to me is hanging round friends, family, good food and wine.

Wait, did this just become a Tinder profile? I’m also fun yet serious, classy whilst classless, approachable yet unobtainable and just as comfortable staying in as going out. What’s that? My pic looks exactly the same as an advert you saw in last months Sports Illustrated? Whhhhhhaaaaatttt? And you can see me holding my iPhone whilst standing in front of the news-stand in the reflection of the pic? That’s crazy. You’re crazy. Swipe left…

…So I focused on doing fun stuff each weekend of Feb. This included travelling back home to spend a weekend with the family, a Roxette concert  at a winery with an old uni mate and a surprise 30th birthday for a friend. All very fun, very slap-stick.

Time with family always involves loads of fun and play.

More fun with kids - picking fresh tomatoes from the veggie patch, then on-selling at their cafe

Fun with kids – picking fresh tomatoes from the veggie patch, then on-selling at their cafe “Two Little Boys”

And some adult play...happy hour at the folks

And some adult play…happy hour at the folks

I get play. Play is my jam. I admire kids. I applaud their life choices. They play most of their waking hours!

I’m proud to say I’ve taught my niece and nephews some of their best hide and seek hiding spots, how to turn their swing into a show ride and how to not get flattened during Keepings Off. I’ve also fully embedded Extreme Charades into the regular agenda of family catch ups and holidays. Dusting my hands as we speak, job well done, but I’m not hanging up the quoits just yet.  There’s plenty more games to be played.

These guys are pocket sized bundles of fun x

These guys are pocket sized bundles of fun. They’ve perfected the fine art of play x

And guess what? Play is good for you. It has some serious health benefits!

There is even a National Institute for Play! Stop it! How cool is that?

Dr Stuart Brown is founder of NIFP, who has spent years studying the benefits of play in people from all walks of like, including prisoners, business people and Nobel Prize winners. He found that lack of play was just as important as other factor in predicting criminal behaviour among murderers in Texan prisons.

Brown believes even a little bit of play can go a long way toward boosting our productivity and happiness. So what is play? He says it includes humour, games, art, books, movies, music, comedy, flirting and daydreaming.

Play is more than just fun. Regular play can make us smarter at any age and connect better with others. Brown says nothing lights up the brain like play. It’s vital for problem solving and connecting better with others. It also helps improve creativity and memory, reduce stress and increase joy. More so, he says that the opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression.

Well if it's in the name of science....

Well if it’s in the name of science….

Can you imagine a life without humour, flirting, movies or games? Life would be pretty boring!

Play has also been credited with promoting healing. Think Patch Adams and a big red nose. The real Patch Adams  urges medical students to develop compassionate connections with their patients. He believes humour and play are essential to physical and emotional health.

Patch Adams

The real Dr Patch Adams

Finally, in support of my games brain, Dr Brown says the unique thing about our species is that we are designed to play through our whole lifetime.

So grab your mates and a torch and ask your folks if you can squeeze in a quick round of spotlight tiggie before bedtime!



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